Our Story


Welcome to the ETTC Boutique!

You may not know us, but we’ve known you since 1991, over 30 years ago! 

The Egyptian Tabletop Trading Company (ETTC) is the sole distributor of various renowned international suppliers and makers of earthenware, glassware, flatware, chinaware, buffetware, hollowware, kitchenware, and pool-tableware.

We’ve been in the art of tabletop design since 1991, with the help of more than 300 highly-skilled, customer-oriented, and well-trained employees to guide you, ETTC Boutique’s valued clients, to the special items displayed here on this website. 


All for you

Since 1991, we’ve continued to grow because of you

So ETTC Boutique was founded for you.

Did you ever think about the importance of tableware? It’s not just about making your dining experience visually appealing... You need that plate to carry your meal, that fork to hold the piece of food in place and help its inevitable partner, the knife, slice it apart to be eaten at ease, and that glass to drink and refresh before taking another bite. And none of this would have been possible if there wasn’t a pot of some sort to cook the food in to start with. Each unique piece is connected, and you can’t have one without the other. These pieces govern the way we interact together at the table. They were invented for a meaningful purpose and, we can no longer live without them. 

Not only is tableware essential, it’s art. Maybe the sparkly crystal glasses, the perfectly white bone china, or the silver cutlery that would brighten any dull dining room are not a must, but they’re beautiful. And the beauty of these luxury items has almost made them indispensable. 

Besides, everything tastes better in fine tableware… As they say, “you first taste with your eyes.”